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Okay First Off I want to Tell Everyone That I am
Christian and Proud of It!!:-D!!!
And I Love God And My family and Friends
And I love Playing StreetBall, Taking Hapkido, And Jus Chillen at The House
Thas About all....

Shout Outz!!
Okay Shout Out Time!

::Addie::Hey I love Ya Sweetie and You Know it! lol Want Help With The tea?;)! lol

::Stephen::ay Man we Have Had Some of the Funest Times Eva lol He Sounds Like A punter!!!

::Kenny::Ay Playboy We Boyz Till Death And That aint gonna be Soon But if it is I'll Be in heaven Waitin Fo Ya:) Thanx fo everything Man

::Kristen::FUN TIME IS ALL I CAN SAY!!;)!!!!!!

::Sarah::I jus hope It all works Out


::Kelley::Hey Cuz We Gotta Stick Together For This Thing!~!!!! it'll all Work out is I Dont ge tto Scared!!! lol!!!,br>

::Brit::Dont Leave Your House!

Okay Thas all I can Think Of Right At The moment If I forgot Ya then Lemme Know and I Will Be Glad Ta Add ya